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Pickup For Lap Steel


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Hey all,

I dunno when my guitar project is ever going to get done. It's aggravating me that I never have access to the shop, and when I do, the smallest little thing that's either forgotten or not working sets me back another month or two.

In the meantime, a quick hacked-together lap steel will require far less precision, and if I screw it up, I'm just screwing up scrap wood. If a prototype works out successfully, I might invest some time and effort into making something worthwhile. But for now, I just want to throw one together to get a feel for what I want out of such an instrument.

So, I don't want to be buying any Lollar pickups or anything else expensive. If it comes down to it, I'll just put a GFS tele bridge rails pickup in and have done with it. BUT, I'd rather have something more like a stacked P90 (ie. P100) instead. Anybody see such a thing around? Or am I dreaming?

Any other budget recommendations also accepted.



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Heck yeah, a strat single-coil would sound great.

I mainly want something hum-cancelling because my apartment is littered with EMI as it is. (electro-magnetic interference).

A stacked tele or strat pick-up will do the trick, but I thought I'd go for something with a bit of muscle to it, in the form of a stacked P-90 (aka a P-100).

P'raps I'll just get the GFS Li'l puncher after all. Then I can switch between humbucking and single-coil, though the single-coil mode will never sound exactly the same as a 'real' single-coil.


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Well, that was my question, I guess. Didn't see the P-180 there. :D I see a Dream 180 which is a humbucker, not a stacked P90.

The rails from Frank should do the trick just fine, though! I hope the build doesn't take long. The only thing that'll hold me up will be 'engineering' the roller system.


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