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Extended Range Guitar Guys....

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Wow. crazy.

Cool site too.

I'm wondering how one frets the extended fretboard past the nut, seeing as it's on the bass side of the neck, and the tuners would be in the way, but then I saw the mention of the "pinpoint capo" ( http://www.luthiers.nu/?show=111 ) which makes it make much more sense. And I'm much more enamored by this than the floyd, even w/o the extended lower range frets. Looking at the PDF, it seems a remarkably easy solution for something I've wondered about; individual string capos. I may just have to butcher one of my beater guitars this week.

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Amasing! And I've never heard of those guys!

For those of you that doesn't read swedish:

The floyd Rose costed almost 1400$. I don know the source for the Floud, but I got the impression that it is a custom made one-off from a mashine shop, rather than one of the ordinary makers

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that's a beautiful instrument but eleven strings? i have enough trouble with six.

bring that thing to my shop for a setup and you'd better bring a wad of cash and your first born. :D

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