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Saga Prs Kit

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They are what you pay for. im fairly confident they are maple, and they are quite thick (some describe them as the "boat" shape) The fret job on the one i got was average, a few of the frets were significantly shorter than the others :S. the frets were poorly put in two, there was a lot of epoxy (or whatever they use to glue them in) on the fretboard in a few places.

the kits seem to be pretty hit and miss from what ive read, and its probly best to go for the strat or tele models (i got the PRS shaped one). I would guess the strat/tele models would definately be no worse than a squier tho, try searching the forum for more info, theres been quite a few posts about them here and its where i got all my pre-purchase info from.

http://www.universaljems.com/cart/st10/st10.htm for the strat

and http://www.universaljems.com/cart/telekit.htm for the tele.

or if you really want the angled headstock:

http://www.universaljems.com/cart/ht10/ht10.htm or


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hi i saw prs style kit on ebay. I am really only interested in the neck. Anyone know if its actually maple like they claim. hows is the over all quality of the neck. Anyone who has any info is appreciated.



Why would it not be maple? Maple is cheap.

I have a Saga neck, currently off its body, but while it was on it played ok. Search "saga" and read up. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.


Why not stop wringing your hands and asking a gazillion questions and expecting everyone else to do your research for you and actually try something?

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