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Refinishing A Prs

Donnie B.

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Thanks to Kevan for the invite here and the finishing tips. Thought I'd toss this out to the rest of you here. Just bought this 91 CE24 which is more than sweet. Only real issues are are couple of large laquer dings on the outer edges (one to the lower left of the bridge and another on the right parallel to the bridge). There's also a pinpoint ding on the face to the lower left of the bridge pup.

Anyone here done a complete refinish (clear coat only) of a PRS? Or should I just sand down the current top coat a bit to blend the dings and then add a couple of new coats of fresh laquer?

Any ideas, tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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PRS doesn't use laquer to finish their guitars; they use a 2 part urethane(a la Dupont...i believe). Anyhow, touch ups in 2 part urethanes aren't the most pleasant experience ever. Progressive coats don't melt previous ones like laquer does. You could scuff it up and spray some more coats of 2 part urethane. I've no experience with drop filling a finish like this, so I can't recomend it. It could feasibly work. If it were me, I'd call it "character" and be done with the idea all together.



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Those little nicks and dings are what activate the mojo. You wouldn't want to mess with the mojo, would you? :D

I'm getting the same responses from people in the PRS forum too. Much like my own grey hair and wrinkles I guess the nicks are keepers!

In all honesty they do add a bit of cool factor and considering she will be 15 next year she's in damn fine shape. Thanks!

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