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Guitar Straps.

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when i built my last guitar i took ages to mount the strap because i didnt want to mess it up. i did all sorts of funny string related exercises to see how my guitar would sit with a strap on.

so good was mock up that the final result was great. my guitar sat perfectly balanced on my belly :D

its an almost unique design so it wasnt like i could just copy where everyone else put there strap buttons. Hiscock offers zero advice on strap locations.

the problem is now, when i play, the guitar has a tendancy to veer to the right... this only happens when im sliding my hand up the neck.

my question is, does there lie a general rule about strap placings? and can my veering problem be fixed by some means?

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The general rule is that you want one pin all the way at the bridge end of the guitar and the other as close (on the axis of the neck) to the 12th fret as possible (physically on the top horn). I'm pretty sure that actually is in Hiscock's book.

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cheers anyways guys.

i couldnt find anything in hiscocks book other than reference to the project designs .

i have one button over the 15th fret (as far along as i could go) and another 2" north west of the bridge. its a completely balanced guitar..... it just wont sit still when im playing!

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