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Hipshot Tremolo

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Hi guys!

That thing is driving me crazy...

I'm planning my second guitar (It will be a prs 24) and I want to install the hipshot tremolo;

I couldn't find anything but that it fit into american standard strato tremolo route, so I thought that I could use the template of the wilkinson tremolo (that should fit into tre strat too) (this is the CAD ).

I compared the cad to the hipshot installing instruction (they are calculated for the 25.5 scale) but they are not the same...

Does anybody know something more?? :D:D

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I know that you need to use the Hipshot template and locate it just like Hipshot says or you will have a very poor working trem. I am going to use a Hipshot on my next (3rd) build because I don't get along that well with Floyds. Nothing wrong with anyones stuff as long as it gets put in like they made it to. You might want to call or email Hipshot with any problems you are having. If you get the right person they are a bunch of help. Hipshot ROCKS! :D

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Are you looking for a routing template or a CAD pattern?

StewMac 's Strat trem template is listed as working for Wilkinson/Gotoh and Hipshot as well.

You can always just make what you need from the Hipshot installation instructions you said you already have, and measurements taken right from the trem. It sounds like a standard route should work. What exactly is it that is not the same? The position is wrong? The route is the wrong size? Etc.

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Are you on about a pullback cavity?

Not sure what you're after. The trem itself is a standard sized one as for what size hole the trem block needs.

If you're after a pullback cavity template, make one!

unscrew the trem block and draw round the trem and make it as you would a pickup route template :D

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