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Removing Ca From Neck

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Hi guys,

In the process of inlaying the fingerboard I had a few places where the CA ran down the fret slot and dripped onto the side of the mahogany neck. :D

Is it safe (for the wood) to use acetone to remove the drips or should I just sand them off? I want to make sure there's nothing left to cause splotches in the dye finish.



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CA on unsealed mahogany doesn't bode well for a dyed finish.  You can sand or scrape it away, but the odds of it not having pentrated a little way into the neck timber are pretty poor.

Yep, that's true.

One more reason to seal pretty much anything you're going to use CA close to before doing so. Shellac's great. Paper towel, quick wipe or two, voila. And it's easy enough to sand off.

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