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How Hard Can It Be? :d


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Hey guys.

This has gotta be so simple but i can't seem to find a diagram :s I don't know anything about wiring i just know how to solder.

I need to wire up a single humbucker to a two way selector switch, no tone or volume pots. One position for ON, one position for OFF, thats it :D

Can anyone help me out please?


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There's no standard, but 4's far from unusual. Do you have a diagram telling you which wires are which? Ultimately, you'll connect two of the wires together, one of the wires will get grounded, and one wire will go to the middle terminal on a spdt switch. One of the outside terminals on the switch will go to your input jack's sleeve, the other will go to the tip(in other words, one of the outside terminals will get grounded, the other will be your output).

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Normally there's a common grounding area(like the back of a volume pot). You don't have a volume pot though, so you'll need to figure something else out. You could feasibly connect it to the jack. Don't forget that your humbucker, switch, and shielding will need to be grounded as well. You could just wire the grounds in series with the shielding last. Or you could use the ol' screw covered with conductive paint in the control cavity as a common ground. So is this a guitar you built, or just a modded guitar?

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Its a guitar im currenty renovating. Only just started applying the primer but i gonna make her white anyway.

It's and old Jackson PS4 similar to


except left handed. Neck and middle pickups suck so bad and i figured i could use a guitar just for shredding to add to my collection. So why no go for the minimalist look.

He's what she looks like so far


Thanks for your help by the way :D

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