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Help Picking The Right Pups For Project Guitar


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I have an old fender body and neck and I am going to rebuild it with all new electronics. It is a squier one bullet from the 80's. It has a telecaster style body with a strat headon it. The pickup set up it has is a Humbucker in the bridge position and two single coils in middle and neck (HSS) . I want this guitar to be a screamer. I want it to be my metal guitar. I will be playing alot of lower tuned stuff so I want the pickups to be good for that. What humbucker would you guys recommend for the bridge?

I was looking at the Dimarzio Tone zone, or evo 2 for the bridge.

A dimarzio chopper for the middle

A dimarzio fast track2 for the neck.

any thoughts on this? I want the harmonics to scream as well as have the fat low end on the low tuned palm mutes and stuff.. I will be playing stuff like pantera, sevendust, element eighty, and nonpoint. Any suggestions on which pickup would be the best for what i'm looking for.


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If you want those squeeling harmonics I would recommend an Evolution in the bridge instead of the ToneZone.

The ToneZone I fit in my Charvel is perfect for my style (very fast, very precise picking (big Paul Gilbert fan)), but not so great on the harmonics side. I've played a few Jems with Evolutions in and they give a very similer sound to the ToneZone, with more sustain and harmonics allover the fretboard (although that's what the Jems are made for :D ).

The other two sound good though, I actually went for two Seymour Duncans in the SS spaces of my HSS Charvel, combined with the ToneZone at the bridge.

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i was advised against the drop sonic. this is what they told me when i was looking at the d-sonic and invader.

The dropsonic and invader pups look inviting, at first, when you want to build a metal guitar. But in reality, they aren't all that great. They sound muddy, and don't work well with dropped tunings. They don't have any real tone at all - just volume and way too much bass and low mid range.

I think i have decided on either the evo or the evo2.

what is the main difference between these two? is it just that the original evo is a little hotter pickup?

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I honestly don't think you're going to like the Evo for what you're trying to get. The Drop Sonic was designed specifically for dropped tunings on a six-string guitar. The Evo was not. I would suggest trying the DS first and if you don't like it, exchange it for the Evo.

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ok i am confused on what to get. I am thinking about the tone zone instead of the evo because a lot of poeple have suggested the tone zone. I don't know anythign about the drop sonic and I haven't talked to anyone who actually has personal experience with the drop sonic. So I am kind of afraid to get it.

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