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Bolt On Neck Joints

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I've done this to 3 guitars now and it really makes a difference in regard to improving the tightness of the joint and increasing the guitars sustain and resonance. I wonder why more makers don't do it this way from scratch.

On 3 of my strats (and the PRS I just bought) the 4 neck screws are threaded thru the body first and then into the neck. By drilling out the holes in the body (just enough so that the screws can be passed thru the body holes with some mild force but without having to be threaded) the screws can really super tightly clamp the neck against the heel pocket.

Anyone else tried this?

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you know, ive thought about doing this, but I never knew the consequences... I thought to myself, there must be a reason the major manufacturors dont do this, but i couldnt think of why. If someone who REALLY knows why they dont do this I would be interestede to hear too. My guess is that it may weaken the heal. maybe without the tightness of the screws threading through the heel it may dent/split the wood? Just my guess though... that reason is probably not right at all, so maybe someone who knows what they are talking about could answer?

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Did you use ferules for the neck screws, or just let the screw heads go into the wood? My old Strat that I refinished has been taken apart enough times that I can put the screws into the heel and shove them through with my thumb. Is this what you're talking about?


Matt D.

Yes, being able to lightly force the screws thru the body holes and not having to "thread" them thru. And the screw heads seat on the steel neckplate.

There is no major resistance against the screw threads from the body, only the neck. This way when you apply the torque to the screw you are pulling the neck against the body as tight as possible.

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Idtch and anthem both came up with the same thoughts I had. The neck should be as far into the pocket as possible before the screws are tightened. I don't think the screws are supposed to take any of the string-tension load in a shear or across their threads. The neck should sit solid in the pocket. If the screw holes are as tight as you say I don't see how this can happen. I never used ferrules for the back of the body. I only have used a plate. That might be doifferant but I don't see how. I think the screws should pass through the body without threading so that the neck sits in the pocket and the screws are purely in tension. Like the headbolts on a car engine. Cars rock! :D

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