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Where do you spray?


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I'm trying to think of a place where I can spray my guitar. I have not settled on a type of paint yet but I'm also trying to work out where I can do all of this finishing.

I have room in my basment but I don't want to spray anything too flammable down there. I guess I could try to vent through one of the basement windows but wouldn't I need an explosion proof fan for that? They seem incredibly expensive.

If I use the garage then I'm forced to deal with what temp / humidity nature gives me. Right now in the Northeast, it's not so great for painting.

Where do you paint? What do you use?

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To get a great finish to start with.. your gonna want to paint in a pretty good area where your tempature ranges from 70 to 75 deg F and with humidity somewhere around 30%.. But having said that, my first paint job was done outside.. I took an outdoor swing down and used a wire to hold the guitar up to the top post.. I had orange peel to some extent.. but then again that's to be expected with aerosol cans.. but the humidity and temperature wasn't helping at all.. The main thing to remember is to sand alot between coats to keep the paint going on level. Something I didn't do so good on the first time around..

The next guitar I painted was in a controlled 72 deg F and low humidity room.. I still used aerosol cans but the results was much more pleasing.. the only problems I had was with one can of aerosol had a bad spray nozzle and messed it up to some extent.. so I swore off aerosol lacquer in search of a better way.. you might want to read the link started by me called "Tips From Dupont" to fully understand what I learned... Basically I'm going to use Nason Select Clear now for my clear coating needs... Good Luck on your project.. just remember that if you do paint in bad conditions, you'll have to sand more than you would if you didn't.. dirt dust, humidity, high temp... all work against you...

Matt Vinson

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I live in the SF Bay Area, San Jose to be specific. I spray in the garage, with the door open. In the mornings. I use StewMac canned Nitro. The only problem I have had to date is that I am very picky about the weather when I want to spray. So I have had to delay some spraying jobs upto 2 weeks. :D But I have not had any cloudiness issues, since I don't spray when warm or humid. Ever.

Guitar Ed

Advice worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

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