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Best Place To Buy Buffing Supplies

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Im leaning towards using the 3M finese it and perfect it to do final buffing... but the only place i can find it sells it in these $40 jugs... is there anywhere i can find it cheaper? where do you guys buy your buffing stuff?

OR, would i just be better off ordering the set of 4 compounds off stew-mac... i think i could get enough money by the next paycheck... are the results of using those 4 compounds significantly different than using the 3M compounds? are they just a trick to get people to spend money? or is it actually gonna give me a higher gloss than the 3m stuff?

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is this what i want to get?


It looks like they have fine cut, and medium cut perfect it. I sanded my finish down to 2000 grit, this supposedly leaves swirl marks. So if i used this in conjunction with a swirl remover, should i get a pretty high gloss?

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I went to West Marine and bought some 3M marine quality finest it rubbing compound... and the guy workin there was really cool.... so i didnt mine payin a little extra for the marine quality (everything for boats is always more expensive than it should be).

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