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Selling Gear On Ebay


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Maybe this isn't the best place for this? I don't know.

I tried searching on this topic and was surprised that they all came up empty. If there is a thread out there somewhere, please let me know.

What I'm interested in learning is how to sell guitar gear on ebay. I'm talking about effects processors, maybe a Fender Strat, ... No amps or anything really heavy or difficult to ship.

I've noticed a lot of auctions state that the seller cannot (or will not) ship outside the US. Why is this? Is there more paper work involved?

How about returns? Is it normal for people selling guitar gear to accept a return if the buyer isn't happy with it?

Any tips would be appreciated. I have a bunch of stuff I just don't use anymore. Some of it is fairly cheap (low price - not quality) and some of it is very high end.



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Just login to 'My Ebay' and click the 'Start Selling' link on the left menu. All your questions are answered there in the ebay help.

As for shipping internationally, it's just a pain. Not only is there a massive increase in delivery cost (which can often be more than the actual item itself) but it takes ages to deliver and if there's something wrong with it it could get messy with returns or refunds. As ebay help says, state all terms and conditions clearly in your auction so to avoid any confusion later on.

I only just read all this stuff lastnight myself after replacing my pickups I was thinking of selling the old ones (just cheap Ibanez, but better than having them sitting in a box) and a few other things I have lying around.

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If you describe your items honestly, in detail, and have good pics you can say "AS IS, all sales final, no warranty, no returns." I always do it that way and I've had nary a complaint. I also have a PayPal Premium account that lets buyers pay with a credit card, and I always ship the next business day at the latest. I use the Ebay shipping calculator so there's no hassle with negotiating.

A lot of people, me included, are reluctant to ship internationally. Not only is there more paperwork, there's also the morons trying to pull the Nigerian Royalty Scam. Also, there's always some schlub that wants you to show the value at like 49 cents, so he doesn't have to pay all the duties and stuff.

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A lot of people, me included, are reluctant to ship internationally. Not only is there more paperwork, there's also the morons trying to pull the Nigerian Royalty Scam. Also, there's always some schlub that wants you to show the value at like 49 cents, so he doesn't have to pay all the duties and stuff.

I can imagine, but people like me who know the realities of shipping transatlantic and what not will more likely just deal with full value statement, pay the taxes, and will insist on insuring the package. Non-insured stuff that's been undervalued? Not fun if insurance collection time comes

USPS works great 99% of the time, and is my personal choice for international shipping. I've had no problem with even ground shipped stuff (ie, I ain't paying airmail rates on large heavy chunks of wood), although it does take a month and a half.

I always expect to pay up front, in full, have value on there in full, warranty only from businesses, but have the package insured so neither I or the seller are out of cash if the shipper screws up/loses things.

Just my 2 cents, but I always very much appreciate it when a seller is willing to ship internationally. Stuff here's already often stupid!expensive, and while I have enough friends in the US that will forward stuff on to me if necessary, it's still more of a hassle than getting it direct shipped.

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Since I'm paid in dollars but live in euros, it's definitely helpful for me when sellers are willing to ship internationally. It costs me a few dollars more, but it gets it to me faster (otherwise, it goes to family members first, who then ship it on, adding to the cost).

The main problem with selling internationally--and the reason I don't offer that on my own sales --is that it's difficult to know exact shipping prices beforehand. Until recently, payment was a problem too, but they've rolled out Paypal over here now too, so that definitely helps.

Most of the sellers I've dealt with have been perfectly happy to reduce the price on the customs form--Guitarfetish, for example, is excellent about that, and I've never had a hitch. But then, he doesn't ship by First Class, which IS a pain in the ass and almost guarantees I'll get hit up with customs duties and taxes --which add 33 percent or so!

I've had lots of things shipped to me here, over the years, from the family, from ebay sellers, etc. And the only time I've had a problem was when my mom accidentally sent me a box of presents for my kids by First Class --I had to pay out the yinyang for that one!

Otherwise, USPS has been very reliable for me.

Note: I've had two guitars shipped here, but both were bolt-ons, and the necks were unbolted for shipping. I would never ship a full guitar! Too much risk...

As for amps...the voltage conversion makes buying an amp overseas less attractive...

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Thank you very much for sharing that info.

This isn't a guitar related question but - since I have not sold anything on ebay yet (just buy things all the time :D), will buyers try to hit me with all kinds of crazy requests? Will they ignore the auction for the higher end equipment thinking I might be a scammer?

If you don't mind, one more thing: I saw a person ask the seller what the reserve was for an item. I was really surprised. I thought the whole point was to keep that private? Do sellers often give that info out?

I don't mean to turn this into a general Ebay discussion but those two things have been on my mind about this.

Thanks again!

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Be prepared for a million questions that are already answered in the ad.......I had a guy email me tonight asking if a Schecter C-1 E/A I have listed has the piezo in it....if he would have read the description (the first two lines of the ad BTW!!) it clearly stated "GraphTech Ghost Piezo". You just have to love people!! It took him longer to type out and email the question than it would have to read one sentence.

Shipping overseas is a PITA but I do it anyway. The people in the rest of the world want decent guitars and their prices are crazy from what I've been told. I do about 8-10% of my sales overseas. Check the following link FIRST before you ship anything:

USPS Country Listing

That gives you the size restrictions on each country as well as a guess on postage. I just charge $100 USD up front and refund the difference from actual once I ship it. Most people are OK with that and the ones that aren't....well, I guess they buy somewhere else. Use air mail parcel post. Surface takes 6 weeks and express is too expensive. If the guy is willing to pay express or wait 6-8 weeks I will do it.

There are some export forms to fill out and inevitably you will get the guy that wants you to declare a gift or undervalue merchandise. I don't do it. I insure it for the full amount paid and I state the actual price paid on the export doc's. That's the only way you can get insurance on it at that value and if you ever need to use the insurance you'll be glad you do things that way. They have to pay taxes on that and those can get pricey depending on the country and how much they paid but I still think they get better deals than buying at home.

I could ramble on and on but I won't. If you want any more info on eBay or shipping drop me an email or PM.

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