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How Can I Tell If These Tuners Will Fit?


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So, I have a Yamaha Pacifica 302, the telecaster-style one. Though, I imagine Yamaha uses the same-sized tuners on all their Pacificas.

I want to get a set of these:

Ebay Auction for Tuners

But I'm not sure they'll fit. My tuners don't have the 'tag' for the extra screw, either, but I'm not too fussed about that. I'll just drill new holes or ask him if he ever stocks the kind without tags.

I just want the thing to fit the headstock as-is without a lot of fuss. I'm not interested in drilling the holes larger to accomodate new tuners, for example.

What's the most common way to measure these things, so that when I send him a question, he'll be able to provide an accurate answer?


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well, i think there's mostly a standard for these...

except drilling a hole for a pin or something, the holes should be the right size

First off... the hole size varys. So before you give advice make sure you know the answer.

Now those tuners look like the exact same design as mighty mite. And as I have a set right here. The size is .392" or 9.95 mm. You may want to ask the seller to do the measurement for you just to be sure.

Heres a picture


And a Y drillbit will make the perfect hole for a close fit. X ends up being a little too tight.

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I guess I'll send him a question... if HE has the measurement, he should be able to tell me if they'll fit my guitar.

Too bad my guitar's not 3X3... because they I could make use of them even if they didn't fit. But I need 6 inline.


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Greg, chances are highly likely that the Pacifica has 10mm holes-- every Asian-built guitar I've had uses that size, including my Fender MIJ strat (and my MIM tele neck also uses that size, and so does the Washburn neck I'm using for my current guitar, so does the Dano neck I have lying around here, etc...).

In which case, these tuners will fit just fine.

Don't feel like you have to rush in order to get this auction: here's the same set on the Guitarfetish store site.

Jay (that's the guy's name) is always very helpful and prompt with questions, so don't hesitate to ask him.

From what I can tell (I haven't researched this all that much), 10 mm is more or less the standard these days --the smaller hole sizes are for 'vintage' specs. I could be wrong about this though.

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