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Milling A Fret Sawing Box


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A milling machine is really required for this but with other materials it may be possible to make one with standard tools.

the design will eventually have a set of rollers to effect a depth stop. The sliders you see on the side make the box adjustable to different kerf thickness and wear as time passes. (id imagine that will be very little wear)


Just me starting on the roller brackets

The indexing pin for the scale templates

The indexing pin at another angle

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Been goofing off around christmas. U know turkey being a natural sedative and all.

A few updates

I got some 3/16" Lexan for the shuttle that the fretboard will sit on. I will notch both sides of each shuttle so it will give me 4 different scale lengths I can cut.

I started making the rockers for the roller stops. The way it will work is that the bottom of the blade will sit on the rollers and this will be a positive stop. I had an accident a while back with my wooden fret sawing box. Cut too deep and ruined a cocabola board.

I don't think it will dull the blade too much but we'll see.


Holes drilled(a couple too many, but meh its a jig)

Rollers pressed in

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Finally finished the fret slotting box.

The fretboard runs on a lexan shuttle that has notches to locate the fret slots, much like stew mac's, I cut my first board and it turned out pretty good.

The rollers are softer than the saw, judging by the marks on them after a couple test runs.


Completed roller

Surfacing the base plate

Base plate attached

Attached to the wooden base

View from end

First fretboard

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