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Deep Neck Pocket

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I have a $200 SX strat copy guitar that I am fixing up (infact I only kept the body and bought every other part possible).


Now, I want to get a new neck and I think I'm going to get a Carvin BN bolt on neck.


Now it's perfect except for the pocket dimensions are just a tiny tiny bit off.

The Carvin has 2-3/16" x 5/8" x 3" and I have 2-3/16" x 3/4"(23/32" to be exact" x 3" (might scrape for 3-1/32).

The neck I have is 21 frets and the neck I'm getting is 22 frets. Now will I have to add a 1/16 shim or extra wood to the neck pocket to lift it up? Will it be fine with nothing or will it be impossible to do?

I found these Warmoth dimensions which I think are the same as the Carvin neck.


In that it says the heel is 1" which is the same as mine but the frerboard says .25" and mine is only 3/16. I measured the fretboard on my JEM7VWH and it has 3/16 aswell.

So the question is can this neck be put on my guitar?

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You should be able to shim the neck. It might be a thick one but it will work. You can even consider a tapered shim (wedge shaped). It might even be possible to adjust the saddles at the bridge. The picture doesn't show enough of the bridge to say for sure.

And another thing. DO NOT use that measurements from Warmoth and ASSUME that they are the same as the Carvin. If in any doubt, sent Carvin a mail and ask for the measurements.

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I was faced with the same issue recently. There are two things to consider:

The first is you can add a shim. I chose to make a metal shim, and I'm really pleased with it. Of course, you could go with maple, but I found the sound to be a little duller.

A more important consideration though is that you're planning on replacing a 21 fret neck with a 22 fret neck --chances are you're going to have to move your bridge in that case.

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According to the pics in the link it is a neck with a fretboard extension, so it will work fine

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Can I ask why you are replacing the neck? I have an SX strat too, and the only thing wrong with the neck on mine is the plastic nut which magically disappears below the strings when I drop tune(fixed that problem with superglue), and the tuners(they just look bad)

Maybe my one is special, but its one of the best necks I've played(too thin though). My local shop sells them stripped down for the same price as the guitar costs.

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1st of all, I don't think that you will have any problem, I have replaced 2 strat necks with carvins, a MIM strat and a Squier, and both were right on the money! One thing you need to be sure is that wwhen you place the order you tell them that you don't want the neck screws holes drilled! They drill their necks to use their plate, which is smaller than the strat one!

Wait until you get the neck and then post if you have a problem, there are tons of ways to do this, and I don't think that shims are a way to go! I rather add a piece of wood to the pocket and rout to the requiered depth!

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