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Alternative To Explosion-proof Fans?

Fan O' Zakk

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Instead of worrying about explosion proof exhaust fans, why not just pressurize a paint booth using a normal fan, and have a series of filters leading to an exhaust vent?

No longer is there risk of paint/solvent vapours ever reaching the fan, or any moving parts, for that matter. The filters would take care of much of the particulates before it can be released into the atmosphere.

I think it would be a cheaper and simpler alternative to hunting down explosion-proof fans, or doing the whole sealed/belt driven affair.

What say you all?

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The fan sucking in air would have to be filtered in order to prevent dust from being blown into the booth, which would cut down of the amount of air movement to begin with. I think you would still need a huge fan to accomplish this, and the filters would have to be of a large area like a regular booth. It may work. :D

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There is a more important problem than the logistics of how big the fan must be. If you're using a fresh air supply, the pressurised air external to your mask is likely to enter your mask if the pressure inside your mask is anywhere close to the pressure outside your mask. When you have negative air pressure in the booth and positive air pressure in your mask, you have a substantially lower chance of this happening.



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