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Straightening A Classic Acoustic Guitars Neck

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i have a 2 years old very cheap classical guitar by Montana, CGsomething, and i eccidently put it near the window on a very sunny day (50C outside) and it got a bend upward on the neck, where the neck meets the body (10-11 frets)

is there a way to somehow bend it back? is there a way doing that without having to pull the frets out?

I've heard of a heat treatment, and i've heard its price around here (100USD), so i rather buy a new one in that sum...

but i really like my guitar, and i'd like to try doing it on my own, so any ideas?

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Yes. You pretty much have to reverse what the sun did before -- heat the neck enough to soften the glue and let it move back to the correct location. (This is one technique for dealing with this problem.) Since you say this is an inexpensive guitar, it might be worth a try.

You will need some sort of neck jig or clamping arrangement to hold the neck in the position you want while the neck cools. I've seen it done using heat lamps, but other heating methods could work too. Be very careful with the heat, and protect the parts of the guitar you don't want to heat. Heat the neck evenly until the glue softens, make sure it is clamped where you want it, and let it cool in that position for several hours at least. You may not get it all out the first time, and you may have to clamp it with more backbow than you want to end up with.

If the fretboard is glued with something like Titebond, you will need to heat it to around 240-250 degrees F. It sounds like your acoustic may be using hide glue, which wouldn't require as much heat.

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