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Zemaitis Style

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Hey guys just wondering a few things.

Im considering ditching my current project and taking on a whole different look.

a tony zemaitis guitar sort of look.. with a few ideas of my own.

One of the ideas being a headstock with classical tuner style layout ie the tuners on the side instead of on the back. the question here is how thick do the sides need to be before it will be deemed unsafe?.... does it really matter as long as the tuners have wood to be held in by the screws?

have a look at these pictures

1 2

now thats thin ^ thats about what it would have to be on my neck.

I was also thinking about making a jig to drill another set of holes (lower on the peg) in some machine heads i have (gotoh's vintage ones with tulip keys)... would that be wise or could it weaken it?

Also are Zemaitis guitars flat tops or carved(not talking about the metal tops)? i cant tell all the pics i have seen they look like flat tops but some in the light make them look carved....

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