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Pickup Springs/screws

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I am absolutely sorry for this, and it is, a terribly stupid question.

I am building my first guitar (that lapsteel thing at buildyuorguitar.com) and has come to mounting the pickup.

My question is: How should i mount the srings, and how does the screw make the pickup go up and down?? Again, terribly sorry for that stupid question :D

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Are you mounting the pickup directly to the wood or are you attaching it to a mounting ring which is getting screwed to the body. If it's the first, than you'll put the spring between the mounting tab and the body, then screw it so the body(however, normally people use rubber tubing when doing it this way). If you're doing it the second way, the spring goes between the mounting tab and the humbucker ring, then a screw goes through the ring, spring, and tab. Tightening or loosening the screw makes the pickup go up and down.



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Simply put, the spring pushes the pickup up, the screws pushes it back down to the height you want.

Humbuckers are fully contained that way --you attach the pickup to the body using the 4 screws holes in the outside ring.

Other pickups (strat pickups for example) are housed in the pickguard --the spring/screw assembly also serves to attach the pickup. The telecaster bridge pup is similar to this.

Your pickup according the photo is of the stratocaster variety.

Other pickups (telecaster neck pickup, P90s are screwed directly into the wood --the spring (or tubing because the springs tend to rattle in this case) buffers that.

Some pickups (some P90s) are screwed directly into a cavity in the wood but use foam pads beneath the entire pickup instead of springs.

Some pickups (rickenbacker toasters for example) are mounted directly to the surface of the guitar with no cavity --they use rubber grommets for height adjustment and to keep the pickup from rattling against the wood.

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