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Neck Swap

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I've been wanting to change my washburns pos 24 fret neck for a while. I mainly want to change it cause the fret work sucks and I want a different headstock, maybe blank so I can make my own, or something similar just with a my own logo on it. The thing I need help with is that I cannot find a bolt on neck for it. And I can't find any on eBay that's not a used Ibanez or ESP, which I don't want, simply because I don't want a neck that has been used.

All i'm able to find are these:


I need a bolt on version not neck through.

And these from warmoth:


I would love to get the warmoth one cause I hear warmoth is the best place to get replacement parts, the thing is it's a fretboard extensions without the heel being extended.

Heres a costomers guitar for an example http://www.warmoth.com/gallery/Images/Solo...sonfrench2m.jpg

and here's mine


As you can see from the dust I don't play it much

Would I even be able to put that type of neck on my guitar? Would I have to make some kind of heel extension and glue it to the new neck or glue it in the actual neck pocket or something like that? Is that even possible or practical? Any ideas? Keep in mind I'm also planning on repainting it and possibly doing some light body work so if I choose this type of neck and glue in another piece of wood it will be getting painted.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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give us some measurements of your neck pocket...see if the neck will actually fit in the pocket then see how much clearance you need for the fretboard to hangover. Most importantly, make sure the scale length is the same as your current guitar neck

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The Warmoth neck won't work unless you rework the neck pocket. The neck that's in your Washburn has a longer heel than the standard Warmoth Strat-style heel. You'll have to make a shim for the back of the heel and possibly the sides as well, and this is all assuming you're working with a 25.5 inch scale, which from the looks of your pickup spacing it looks more like a 24.75. Be sure to measure the scale length because I can't tell for sure from the picture.

I'd say unless you're really attached to that body shape, sell the guitar and use the money towards building up a new one. You could even trace the shape of the body and use that to build a new one out of premium wood.

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