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Old Gibson History/info Help With Pics.


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Scroll down on that page to where they discuss the headstock logos.  Looks like post-WWII (after 1948) to me.

I agree with you on that and I have seen a close up picture of him with the guitar and it looked like he was in his late thirties. My bride is 26 her mom is 45 her mom’s mom just passed away three weeks ago at 67 so I am just estimating the guitars age at 70. It looks like the guitar pic in the L-4 models but with f sounds it could be a younger guitar seeing how that model was made from 1935 and discontinued in 1956.

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Ok I found some more numbers inside the treble f hole here is how they look (4271 23). I am thinking the more I look at the L-40 (inside the bass f hole) that the top of the 4 is not all there and what looks to be a 0 that is the same height as the partial 4. If you finish of the 4 it would leave room to make the 0 into an 8. So I think it is an L-48 basic guitar and the numbers on the treble side are the batch numbers and it is in the 1946 to 1952 range.

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