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Can't Find Pickups To Fit Body


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what pickups will fit this guitar in the neck and middle? all the pickups I want have a little piece on the base plate that won't allow them to fit into this neck and middle holes of this guitar. the only ones that seem to fit are the lace sensors. I dunno if this makes sense or not. but what i'm talking about is the piece on the bottom of the pickup that is at an angle and almost forms a triangle that the wires connect to. and the holes in the guitar are just cylindrical shaped.IMG_1736.jpg

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You could fit lipstick tube pickups or tele pickups in those slots(most likely). SD Hotrails and many other simular single coil sized humbuckers should fit as well. Just look at the picture of the pickup you're considering before you buy it to see if it's got that tab. Then again, you could do just a little routing and fit whatever you want in there.



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Most single coils have a lip on them where the wires exit. The only ones i can think of off hand without these is the EMG S series. You could always mod some SD single coils or something. Or widen the pickup routes and use a pickguard?

Otherwise email swineshead pickups (www.swinesheadpickups.com) and theyu might be able to help you out :D


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