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Neck For Washburn P4 Body

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I'm new to guitar building and have picked up a couple of rough Washburn P4 bodies on the cheap. Now I'm looking at finding a means of making necks to fit the bodies. The Washburn P4 has a set neck design which I would like to stay with if at all possible.

Any suggestions on how to go about buying wood, making the neck, buying blanks or anything else that would make this an interesting but not so difficult a project would be appreciated.


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What your going to need to do is take complete measurements of the neck pocket so that you can make a neck template that will fit it perfectly. There are a lot of steps that go into making a neck, so make a template to make the job easier and ensure a proper fit. Your going to have to make sure the scale length is done correctly so it will intonate properly where the bridge is located.

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