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Does Alder Need Grain Filler

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Most info I have read on Alder is that it does not need it. I have also read that once in a great while you will end up with a piece that will need a bit. My personal experience with it (I've finished 4 alder bodies) is that I have not needed it yet. I've used both nitro and tru-oil on those in case you were wondering.

4 bodies doesn't constitute fact but like I said, most reading I have done indicates it does not usually require filling. When I first got into building, I picked alder mostly because I didn't want to have to grain fill. :D

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Just for next time, I wouldn't advise asking a question like this, because each piece of wood is completely different. A more dense piece of Alder won't need grain filler as badly as a less-dense piece.

Grain filler is to fill up pores, so look on the wood... if you see and feel pores, then use the filler. If not, don't use it.

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