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Replace Trem With Non-trem

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I want to replace my trem with a non-trem. Don't ask me why, please.

The trem is a rose, it has those two pieces anchored into the wood.

My question is, would THIS bridge work as a replacement, by just fitting into those two spots and being at the correct distance? Otherwise I don't see why those two pegs are there on this one, since a normal non-trem doesn't have them


That's my goal is to replace it with that, making it easier to string and no bullshit as I do not like "tremelo" at all whatsoever.

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No, chiefly because it isn't a bridge.

If it was a bridge, it would probably not work, since the FR saddles are a little way behind the studs, whilst the break point of that is almost level with the studs.

Also, the studs sizes are different.

And the string spacing.

But mostly, it won't work because it isn't a bridge. :D

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I was in a similar situation to you. I opted to buy a fixed bridge guitar with the same body, then swap the necks. You won't find any bridges that retrofit in the manner you describe. Your only options are to block the trem, fill the trem cavities and install a new bridge, or do what I did.

Filling the cavities can be done, but it's trickier than you might think, and will require a refinish. I had my trem blocked for years before I decided to switch the bodies. The Floyd is still a pain, even when it's blocked. Restringing and adjusting the bridge is a real pain, and you can't set the action per string. A lot of people will tell you to just block it off, but I think a real fixed bridge is better if that's what you want.

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