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Sticker Finish


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I disagree, stickers are a funny thing. You have to remember that your finish will only remain as good as the bond of your stickers. If you put your stickers onto raw wood, the adhesion isn't going to be great. It might be for a while, but it will diminish. When it does, you will likely see what appears to be bubbles in your finish. You want a smooth flat surface to put the stickers on, even then, over time you MAY see them start to lift under the clear causing the bubble look. At the very least, I would seal the wood completely and sand it dead smooth, then I would apply a couple coats of clear. Sand that nice and flat with some 800. Apply your stickers, then clear over them. You'll need a lot of clear and then sanding to make it all level out, then a final coat of clear. If you don't really care about having a perfect finish then by all means, just apply the stickers and clear over them, it won't be perfect but the stickers won't peel off.

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