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6pdt Switches?


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im going to be doing a similar thing in my upcomming project heres the diagram il be using


Wiring up three dpdt switches that are on-off-on or just on-on will work to replace the 6pdt switch.

Already tried it before but messed up. This time it works. Also there's a rocker I found in an old parts bin (probably from a 70's guitar) that has a metal bracket with a rocker in it. The rocker holds a switch though.... so it's not going to be hard to make up a backing plate to hold the three switches in series and use one rocker switch to switch them all at once :D

Sweet! Wish I'd seen it earlier! lol

Well Be blessed guys, that problem's solved

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If you are interested in series/paralel options with toggles.  I have a design with a 4PDT switch for series parrallel, and dpdt's for on/off and phase.  Its over on Guitarnuts2.  You can read about it here:




I just love this idea, and would like to do this with my 80-s Hondo. Man, I wish I had the brains to work out such fantastic ideas!!! Credit!!!

So, here is a couple of newbie questions...

The problem is that I have splitable mini buckers, and would like to keep the possability to keep the splitting option. Is there anyway this wiering would work with spittable Minibuckers? Anyone care to draw me a schematic for this?

I was also wondering about the dpdt switches used for each pickup. You write that theay are on/of switches. I've never seen a dpdt on/off, and I am verry confused. Is this the on/on type, but wired so that the second on actualy is off?

I was also wondering about the 4pdt switch... I guess this is a ON/ON?

And where did you buy that blend pot? Could you describe the pot-mod a little closer for a dumbass like me?

I'm really looking forward to doing this mod. It will be like playing with a totaly new guitar. Allready ordered the new pickguard.

Thanx for a great idea, and great inspiration.

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Syndromet - Thanks for the encouragement!. It is spooky, but the guitar I built this into is also an '80s Hondo - a 760 Delux Strat copy, which is a nice solid basic guitar.

Is yours the same? Mine has a slightly different shaped pick guard to a standard Strat, which is not trimmed around the bridge. that influenced the placement of the controls. It also has a nice open routing, so plenty of space. However, my friend in Texas has built this design into two more standard Strats.

The switches are really all just normal on/on. when I speak of on/off, I mean that that is the job they do in the circuit. Flick one up, the pup is on, down is off. That is constant in series or Parrallel.

If you want to keep splittable 'buckers, you can add a coil cut switch between the pickup and the rest of the circuit, eg using a diagram from the Seymour duncan site. It is more switches to place and control however.

The blender was by far the hardest part work out. To do it as I did, you have to open up the back of a dual gang pot, and scrape away the carbon track in a zone about 3mm wide, at the centre of the track (just to one of the two tracks). It is not hard, but if you dont like that idea, use a 2 x 500k pot instead of a x 100k. Sound range will be the same , but the blending will not vary so smoothly.

As I put in the post, the blender is not essential - it can be omitted and still have all the combination options.


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Thanx for a quick reply. I don't know anything about my hondo, other than that I have modded it into a totaly different guitar. Still got that heavy headshape, sort of like a jackson. It has a pickguard like the one you described, and looks verry simular to the one in your picture. The only difference is that mine have a rosewood fretboard. I've scalloped the neck from 7th fret and down, reshaped the neck and changed all the hardware with new stuff.

The guitar is simular to this one http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...&hl=hondo]Hondo but with rosewood fingerboard.

The biggest problem i had is that my new bridge was fender sized, and the nut on the hondo is gibson-sized. This made it hard finding pickups where the pole-pieces matched the string spacing, hence the splittable rail-type mini-humbuckers.

I would love to try this setup. this would mean 8 miniswitches, and would look verry hi-teck, witch is what I want from this superstrat.

I would just use the oppertunity to thank you once again.

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I have a schematic that will do phase reversal, on/off and series/parallel in two switches per pickup. It's on a shredder style Steinberger so it also has an aditional switch for coiltapping (North/Hum/South)

If anyone is actually interested, it amounts to the freedom of any combination of series and parallel with phase reversal and you dont need all pickups on. There are catches like any other system, but without coil tap, you do all this in 6 switches.

3 are On/On

3 are On/On/On

I also modded the cuircuit for the black ice/strawberry distortion to use a on/on/on switch to give you the option of one diode/both/off.

If anyone wants diagrams, let me know and I'll draw some up.

God bless guys,


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