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Need Some Help Filling Down Binding Around Nut

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I recently ordered a graphite nut for my epi vint g400 and I wanted to file away some extra binding at the nut that the assemblers must have missed... here's a few photos in case you don't understand.




I'm pretty good at getting things even and level, I just need step by step instuctions on what to do and what not to do, that sort of thing.

I need some help, like what type of equipment I need, stuff like sand papper grit for removing the binding then buffing it out and making it nice and smooth, a type of file I should only use, if I even need to use a file or if I just need to use sand paper? What should I do to avoid scratching and taking off the finish on my neck (this is my main concern)?

Thanks for your time and help.

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Leave it. To level that you'll have to taper the binding, which will look bad, and you'll sand through the clear, which will leave a witness line. You could also sand through the colour coat below the binding which would look *really* bad.

If it offends you that much, simply make the nut a little wider.

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Dang! I can't make the nut wider because its the same width as the current one. Its not the nut thats too small its the binding thats too wide so I don't think that the binding will appear tapered. What do you mean by "you could also sand through the colour coat below the binding" will it make it a lighter or darker colour or what, what exactly do you mean.

Thanks for the help.

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The binding is level with the sides of the neck, and the wood behind it is coloured by the application of tinted finish, with the binding masked off. Then clear is sprayed over both the binding and the coloured neck wood.

You can't easily sand the binding down without hitting the colour coat on the neck, and that will look like pure garbage if you hit it. You'll have a pale patch where the coloured finish is thinner. Even if (big, big if!) you don't cut into the colour coat, you are guaranteed to cut through the clear. Which will also look like crap, because the clear actually has slight yellow tint, so your binding will get lighter in colour and blotchy where you've sanded it.

Also, your binding will no longer be of even width - right now it's a nice, regular 1.5mm wide along the whole neck. If you sand it, it'll taper at the end, down to 1mm, and that will be every bit as noticable as the 'step' by the nut is now.

Basically, forget it. It's a tiny, tiny visual distraction, and nothing you do to it will make it go away without creating a problem which is far uglier, and far more noticeable.

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