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Stripping '85 Squire Cream Finish & Other Parts In

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Hi all, first post but ive beenb here a while..

Anyway, i have an old 1985 Squire strat... in cream. lots of dings and chips so its a full strip down job. Prooving to be a challenge in all quaters...I'll begin.;

The original paint is a pain and stripper (nitrous based) wont move it...wont even melt it at any point!!! Whats the best method for this..most of the tutorials have details for painted and lacquered finishes, but not this type. Sanding is obvious but before i try anything else i will listen to you guys... will the raw wood beneath be suitable for a a staining / burnt & painted finish? or am i looking at a thick finish as per the original?

Also, the SYSTEM I tremolo is needing some screws, the string locking behind the nuts needs all parts save for the frame peice. [needs screws and plates] - what alternative could i use or is it best to restore to original mint condition?

The trem itself needs a couple of screws, the fine copper springs that guide thw string saddles need replaing / repairing. and a new arm needs to be found. Any alternatives? I was lookin at buying an original from Stratosphere on ebay and keepin this one for spares...

pots are poor and one pickup has the threaded copper coil broken and no end shopwing to repair... advice here pls. re: replacing pots & pick-up. scrath plate, pickup cover and knobs i want to swap for black anyway (dependent on choice of finish...

Hope someone can help and if anyone has done this all before and has pics and lots of advice, please email me - leeramsey@o2.co.uk

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my reccomendation for stripping the finish is to go to home depot, there's this stuff that's in an orange/copper colored bucket. it's called "EZ strip" or "Strip EZ", can't remember which one. Apply it with a plastic scraper, all over the body, toss it in a garbage bag for 1/2 an hour, then scrape all the goo off...

you can scrounge ebay for parts, or like you said, just buy another whole new system(this would be my choice) and keep the one you have now as parts. Since this thing isn't going to be holding its value(due to painting, and replacement parts) i'd just replace the pickup that doesn't work, and keep the other 2, unless you're not happy with the sound.

Should be a fun project though...good luck

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