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Fullboard Scallop Question

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I just taped off my frets with masking tape twice like shown in the Full fretboard Scallop Tutorial. I just noticed it could be a very long time till I get around to doing it (2 months+) and was wondering if the adhesive of the tape could do anything to ruin my frets? Or the wood on the side of each fret where the "V" parts of the tape are stuck too?


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Usually it'll say on your masking tape how long it's safe to keep on. I think the stuff I use says 2 weeks.. after that it might actually stick, and when removed will leave some of the adhesive gunk on the frets.

I'm considering trying that tutorial on an old strat-style guitar I've got. You could perhaps do a few frets at a time whenever you get the chance instead of taping up all the frets in one go.

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