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Advice With A Neck

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Hi guys, im building my bass, and i make a mistake.

I let my neck in my friends work shop, an he plain my neck but he almost let me a toothpick :D .


The wood its 3 stripes of Tzalam and mahogany , and was a beautiful neck, but look the size, its ridiculous.

He let me 1.5 cms only, even a neck from a Yamaha ultra thin its more wide.

Thin neck

What can i do to fix it? i think to joint more wood, but maybe its not a good idea and that neck its over.

Do you have some advices?


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I would probably add a 2mm veneer to the top of the neck blank (the bit that is glued under the fretboard) before cutting the truss rod slot. Then when you have the fretboard glued on (6mm) you have a neck that is 23mm. That should be enough but if you need a bit more at the heel you can add a bit more veneer on the underside of the neck just at the heel.

If you go with a maple veneer between the neck and fretboard it will show as a very nice contrasting line, kind of like purfling/binding.

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