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Licensed Floyd Rose Trem Height

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Hello everyone, this is my first post and I must say having a quick glance through some of the post already done it's a cracking site.

well onto the the question, I have made a couple of Guitars one Neck Through and one Glued, but i used a Gibson Style TOM bridge for these and the lowest setting for this bridge with enough string clearance over the fret was something like 13-14 mm it was a while back so forgive me if i am a few mm out :D

anyway I've decided to make a my new one with a Schaller Licensed Floyd Rose bridge (licensed to try and keep cost's down) and Glued in neck. But am unsure as what the lowest setting for this style of bridge is so I can determin the proper angle for the neck as I've not got a trem guitar to hand at the moment or the funds to purchase said trem as of yet.

any help would be gratefully appreciated

thanks alot :D


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Do you want a neck pitch or not? I'd make it with a slightly smaller neck pitch on so its more towards in-line with the body. You can always recess the Floyd Rose if it's too high, but you can't really make it higher if it's too low. Start by making a pocket for the neck and place the bridge on the body. You'll need to do a lot of "dry runs" before you put it all together and set the neck etc. IMO. That's what Id' do anyway, but I'd do a lot of prep as I mentioned.

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It's basically so i can get my tech drawing all up to spec first and make sure everything seems to line up on paper before I attempt it. As I prefer to see it on paper first and see how everything looks and then I know what all my measurments are going to be.

I've have a good look on the internet and found a few measurments and such so i'll use them, to calculate my measurments

Cheers :D

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