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Can Someone Tell Me The Thickness Of

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I'm repairing the electronics for an old Gibson Explorer (I don't know how old, actually, but it seems older than most guitars I get my hands on) I could send you info you want. Send me a message if you got any more questions.

I've got to remember to copy down the neck measurements on that guitar actually - it feels just right. I really hope the guy who asked me to fix it forgets I have it - I don't want to give this back! (of course I will, though - I could never take a guitar like this from someone - god knows it'd break my heart if someone did it to me)

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1 5/8" would be around 42mm, right? Does anyone know if ESP explorers are the same thickness or thicker than that? I'm making an explorer and I made the body 45mm thick because I thought that's how thick explorers were. Now, it does seem to weight a bit more than I would like. Probably because I made it too thick and mahogany isn't the lightest wood out there. I don't know whether should I plane it down to 42mm or leave it as it is :D I haven't routed any cavities or the neck pocket yet so it wouldn't be a problem if I had to make it thinner.

Anyone else with an explorer to take measurements? It would be of a great help :D

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