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Harmony 535


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hey guys

alright i had to get a little creative but it worked as radio shack only had 100 ohm 10w resistors. so i used 2 in series to get my 200ohms for biasing my amp it worked and the mesa 6l6gc's are awsome. bueatiful tone really warm and smooth.

ok next task i want to add a gian stage to this harmony 535 as it has only volume no gain stage


guitar-------tube----eq circuits----volume-----mid stage-----power stage----speaker

this is the prefered structure :D

guitar------gain stage------eq------volume------etc.........

can i just ad any particular gain cicuit directly to the input(tip of tip and ring) and drive the existing pre tube into saturation and if so what would be a good circuit for that jcm type distortion from the mild to the gain pot at 11 lol!

thanx guys

robert latham

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Your easiest course of action is to use a clean boost pedal to push the amp into overdrive - there are a number of commercial units available (Bob Keeley makes a nice one), or if you want to roll your own, the LPB1 and the AMZ MOSFet booster are both simple and proven designs, and I'm sure my compadres will have other suggestions. I wouldn't try to add a tube stage a la Randall Smith, but that's just me. Glad you got it up and running!! :D

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