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Flipping Bridge Pickup


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hey guys i was wondering if i could just flip the bridge pickup on my epiphone lp100 around its my first electric and i was wondering because i saw that dimebag flipped his dimebucker around so the seymour duncan logo was facing the neck pickup i was wondering what this would do and if i could do it without having to modify my guitar thanks also would this screw up the pickups

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you shouldn't have to modify anything. If you have enough slack on the wires leading to the pickup, go for it. let us know how it sounds. and use some commas or periods. just to make it easy to read. :D good luck and keep your hands where we can see them.

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Does it really matter? It's a LP-100. It's not going to be fetching a hundred grand down at Gruhn's or anything.

Flipping the pickup around won't ruin anything, but I'd recommend that you flip the neck pickup around too. Your overall sound will probably warm up a little, at the very least.

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