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Swiching Fingerboards


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hi there, this is my first post here, but i was wondering if you guys could help me, on one of my guitars im not to fond of the sharkfin inlay and would much prefer a plain ebony fingerboard now the thing that worries me is that the guitar has binding and a painted thru neck now does this affect my chances of doing this with out effectivly ruining the guitar, can you guys offer any advice or list some websites which may help me..

thank very much in advance guys

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Removing the fret board is a job that requires a lot of skills. You will most likely have to do a refinish after the switch, if not complete, so at least partial. Are you completely new to guitar building/tinkering? If so, I recommend getting a few book on guitar building. Melvin Hiscocks Make your own electric guitar is considered a very good book, and the one that got a lot of us started. This book will give you some ideas about the extent of this job.

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