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Prs 5 Wat Switch Wiring


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I hope I don't overstep my bounds here, but... I think that LK is hoping that you take a little initiative.

Electrical diagram description (posted in a pinned elecrical thread by LK)

While these questions are sometimes answered by patient members of the forum, I find that showing that I am willing to do some leg work gets much more informative and sympathetic responses.

I don't want to appear as though I am on a soapbox, though, as I had to read the thread I linked three times before even the basics began to sink in.

Hope it helps.

Nate Robinson :D

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i have no idea what that means.
Sorry, but you did ask for a schematic, after all. Since that wasn't any help, perhaps a drawing would be more in order:


Connect the wire that's labelled to volume to the switch terminal marked tone, and continue as above. For reference, the leftmost pictured lug on the pot is the CW lug, the rightmost CCW, and the center is called the wiper - that should clear up any confusion, and allow you to complete your project.

...is my version correct though?
What version? Am I missing something?
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