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Direct Mount Pickups, Size Of Screws?


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Going to direct mount a hum and single, problem is I can't find any screws with a little neough diameter! Maybe a #2, if there is such a thing?

I have searched these forums, but with only tidbits and theory behind it, anyone more used way than another?

You could try Universal Jems, too. Or you could visit your friendly neighborhood guitar shop.

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American one's (SD's and Dimarzio) use #4-40 screws - near impossible to find in the UK outside of Allparts and as i have around a dozen Hamer's that have surface mounted pickups i have looked !

As for metric one's (far and not so far east imports) i have a strange feeling they're M2.5 or M3 standard machine thread but i'm not totally sure.

Jem :D

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