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Help With Wiring Please


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hi Can somebody help me with wiring this setup for a lefty


i know you mirror the connections on the volume and tone pot so counter clock wise rotation will be louder are brighter for a lefty the upper three prongs.........but im not sure if i need to mirror the connection's below the volume and tone pots.on the push pull section 6 spaded section......

the input and toggle switch i have wired as shown....thanks for any help that is given

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If you mirror the DPDT part of the push pull pot it won't actually make any difference, as push/pull pots (or the majority) work by having the middle two lugs as on in both positions, the bottom two on in the bottom position and the top two on in the top position, so flipping them the other way around would not change the way it operates. flipping them vertically however would make it operate the opposite way.

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thank you Calum.........i gave up on this post....just read your info...

i actually sat there and studied the diagram for a bit and realized this for myself..... the tone dpdt is doing nothing more than splitting the coil of each pickup.........and the volume dpdt is ingaging the capacitor

thanks for the help

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