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Is It Bad?

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I dont know if this can be fixed easily but i want to find out so im asking you guys.

I recently took my old pos fretboard off my les paul and while taking the binding off it took a bit of wood of on the edge of the neck..

When i had cleaned up the neck after the fretboard was gone i put some wood filler in the chip and then let it dry for a bit then i sanded it back to the shape of the neck and now ive noticed if i look down the neck that there is a slight 1-2mm indent from where i cleaned up the sides, dunno how it got that big becuase i was sanding light as hell and didnt do much of it...the neck was already really thin to play on the high and low e's would fall of the fretboard alot while playing, now im worried its even thinner :D Help, please....

heres a pic of what i mean if you dont understand. The outline is what it used to be and the other line running inside the outline is what it is now...


now that i think of it what if i sanded the top of the neck to much aswell i cant tell but what if i did how could i fix this?

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Do yourself a favor, if you're going to be doing this kind of thing for any length of time, drop $20 on a decent straightedge. That'll tell you quick if you have a dip in the fretboard gluing surface.

You're only option I think is to glue a shim in there and then sand it truly straight.

Or make a new neck. Or get one.

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Erik i think i may just make a new neck since im looking for a decent sized volute... and ive got the wood sitting here too... all i need is a rasp and a half round file and i will get started....

where could i get my blank cut for me on a table saw?? what kinda shops have that service.... also does anyone know where i can get someone to bend some 5mm thick metal into some aqward shapes?

Setch: i was sanding with a 100mm long block with sandpaper stapled tight to it..

danm i hate and love my problem... it lets me make a neck for the first time but it makes me have to make one :D


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well im scared :D but the good thing about that is i will take extreme amounts of time checking details so i dont think i will go wrong with too many things..

the neck blank cost me nothing, a friend got it for me from fiji from his dads saw mill lol...

i cut some of the blank off for repairs on my guitar... can you tell me if i would still be able to use it with the measurements in the pic below...should it be right for a scarf and a tenon...?


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