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Reducing Neck Thickness?


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Did you hear the one about the guy who had to patch the back of his brand new throughneck because he got a little overzealous with the carve?

Be absolutely certain you know how much wood you have to work with before you go higgledy-piggledy* thinning the neck down.

*I've been waiting for months to say higgledy-piggledy, and now I got it in twice in one post. :D

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remember that there is a truss rod in there, and they can be quite close to the back of the neck. I wouldnt remove more than a mm without knowing exactly how far off i was from the truss rod.

On my 3rd neck through i decided to go for a super skinny neck - i hit the truss rod, its not nice, i didnt patch it i cut the neck off and made it a set neck. now i use a truss rod that is quite small so i know there is very little chance of me hitting it.

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