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24 Scale

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I'm a guitarist with really small/ short fingers. cant reach a piano octave :-).

I was thinking about building on 24 inch scale guitar. I have been playing 15 years and always strugling with things that are wide apart horizontaly in the neck. Vertical movement is no problem and I do love my 7 string.

Any experiences about 24 scale's. I worry about getting too little string tension and loosing accuracy and bite on playing. Especially as i like to tune Eb.

I'd love my guitar to follow lines of Ibanez pgm or maybe an MM petrucci with EMG actives.

All input is well apriciated and thanks in advance for everybody !!!!


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24" scale is pretty "gnarly" tuned down a half-step. Listen to the Kurt Cobain stuff for reference.

Tuned standard, it's pretty "normal" sounding. Listen to Brian May for reference.

A favorite guitar of mine, (maybe because it was given to me ?) is my old Kay, witch is a 24" scale. I put 11's on it, to keep the tension "about equal" to a 25.5" scale with 10's.


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I have built three guitars with 24" scale and they all sound killer. A shorter scale legenth will not just sound "deeper" or "warmer". I've found that diffrent scale legenths sound very diffrent from one another. The 24" sounds very warm with tons of sustain and a great harmonic richness that has to be heard to be believed to be described. It sounds awesome played down to Eb. I also thought the feel was much better than 25" or 25.5" instrements. Deffinitly not too loose but just enough to where it made it a real treat to play. I would recomend using wide low frets and a 14" or 16" radious on the finger board as I found it is more comfterable to play, easier to bend, and easier get a lower action on the shorter scale legenths.

Also using 10s or 11s makes it easier to get a lower action by giving it that little extra bit of string tension.

Alot of gretsch guitars are made with 24" scale legenth. Go check one out and see if you think it's too floppy.

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