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Abalone Body Binding - How?

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Hey again,

I will be started a project soon and I had a question about abalone or other pearl type- like things type stuff material. It's hard and britle.. and to bind a body requires exact curves and seamless lines.

I searched posts and couldn't find anything answering this question so I figured I would post it for me and anyone else who may have been wondering! :D

How would one go about creating such curves and lines with something so hard and britle. I've heard things about "breaking" it or cutting it or whatever..but the lines seem too seemless for such vague and "eyeing it up" -sounding words to be used.

Obviously I'm either overlooking something or people suck at explaining things :D

I've seen pics with any particular section, diagramed and sectioned off into multiple and equal sections and cut, small piece by piece and individually inlayed. Is this the typical (or only) way of executing this?

I've also seen the pre-cut bent strips but obviously this is for a particular curvature which wouldn't apply to any custom made or.. well.. any curve that didn't abide by that angle.

help! B)

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