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Combo-finish On Neck?


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The search didn't bring up anything covering this one, so here goes:

The neck of my 350 is unfinished mahogany (no binding but it looks like there's an ebony veneer on the headstock).

The problem is though that there are glue stains and assorted butchery at the bottom of the neck near the heel (it originally had a block of wood glued to the heel, with lots of gorilla glue spillover--thanks, ebay!)

Now, I'd really like to tru-oil the neck--I like the way that feels, I think it'll look great with the mahogany, and if I put enough on there, I'm sure the neck will be as protected as it would with clear. I also like the 'process' of applying oil--makes more sense than spraying, if you ask me.

I'll be clear-coating the body with rattlecan (acrylic) auto spray. But I haven't tried that on a neck yet--seems to me it'll be stickier than what I like.

Obviously I can't use tru-oil to cover up the debacle at the bottom part of the neck--I can't stain that part either, since the glue is probably acting as a sealer.

So what I'm thinking of doing will be similar to what Maiden69 did with his Epi LP (photo of back) --except my paint line is going to more of a V, high enough to cover up the ugliness of that part of the neck.

Will it be possible to combine the two finish types --i.e., mask off the neck when I do the color coat/clear?

I'm assuming that once the clear is on, the tru-oil won't penetrate that--so I'll be able to sand a bit on the edge of the clear coat to blend the two finishes together.

Is this doable, or should I just clearcoat the entire neck?

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should be doable. while you're shooting your color and clear coat work up a scrap using the same process. then rub a little true oil on top of it and see if it reacts with the clear coat. if not your can feather the lines of your v and go ahead and apply the tru oil over it too so the finish is consistent...someone will correct me if i'm wrong but i think the tru oil will harden just fine over your clear coat even though it won't sink in.

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Carvin regularly tung oil their throughnecks on painted guitars. I don't know how similar tung oil & Tru-Oil are, but I don't think it would be a problem. Then again, what do I know? :D

What I'm calling Tru-oil is actually another European brand based on tung oil with the siccative added.

I'll do some testing this weekend, but I don't see any problem either --once the clear coat is dry, it's dry.

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