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Low Volume Wiring


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i have a big trouble doin some wiring in my guitar.

i have:

2 humbuckers

2 vol

1 tone

1 3-way toggle

When the toggle is in the center position and one of the pickup's volume is set to 0, the output is very low. there's a solution in stewmac.com and i've tried that one. each volume is independent of the other when in the middle pos. but there's a horrible hum. i dunno what to do. my first choice is to have a low outputo volume or a horrible hum.

does anybody knows a different configuration? maybe connecting humb. ground to the toggle... HELP!!!

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How do you have it wired currently? It's almost impossible to point out a mistake without knowing what you've done. This may help:


The lug 1 is ground, lug 2 is Out to Toggle, and lug 3 is hot from pickup. In this config. the output volume is reduced in the middle position if any of each pickup volume is turned to 0.

When i swap the wire (1=gnd, 2 hot from pu, 3 out to toggle) the volume is independent, but there's a horrible hum.

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If it's wired exactly like that SD diagram, you should have no hum to speak of, especially with humbucking pickups. Is your bridge grounded?

yup. i think my pickups will need some potting. but first, i'm gonna check the polarities.

my magnets are like this:







can be this the origin of so much noise?

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