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Need Help With Wiring


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I am currently wiring up my guitar with a humbucker in the bridge, hot rails in the neck, hot rails in the middle. I was going to use THISwiring diagram from seymour duncan. but i am not sure what I should do with the 4 conductor wired rails in the neck and the middle? I want the neck and middle rails to act as a humbucker when i select them. I don't want to split them. how should I wire them up? I made changes to the seymour duncan wiring diagram....is this what I'm supposed to do?


also should I wire all the grounds to my volume pot and then a single wire back to the tremolo claw? thanks

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i'm only using one volume pot and one tone pot. that scheme has 3 pots. i am using 2 pots and a 5 way toggle.

also, I found this wiring diagram and it shows to connect the cap to the tone pot and ground it on the pot, and the seymour duncan diagram shows to connect the cap between the two pots? what should I do?

wiring sceme 2

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ok my 5 way toggle has 8 slots in a row rather than 4 and 4 like all the diagrams. This is how I wired it up, but I have no clue if this is right or not. Please take a look at my diagram of how I wired it up and tell me what i should do.


I tried the guitar and it works but the tone knob doesn't really change the sound very much and I am getting a massive amount of buzz unless I am touching like the bridge or the strings or something. what could be causing this? I lined the entire electronics cavity with copper shielding, so I dunno what the problem is.

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well my problem is i dunno exactly how to wire my 5 way toggle because mine has 8 slots in a row and the diagram you sent me has 4 in a row and then 4 beside that. since mine has 8 in a row i am confused how to wire the toggle. I drew how I wired it but I wasn't sure if I have done it right.

does this make any sense?

That strip in my diagram on the bottom left is the 5 way toggle... see how they are all in a line rather than 4 and 4 like the diagram you posted? How should I wire this?

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