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Hi all!

ive been lurking around theese forums for quite some time, and ive finally decided to build my own first guitar ( only body actually, im still too "noob" to build my first neck imo )... Ive decided it to be ML, becouse its my favourite type of a guitar, and definetly i dont want anything else...

ive got a problem of finding anything about that guitar on the net... i just cant find any templates, cad drawings or anything... So i was wondering if any of you have some scetches of it ( ANYTHING ), to email it to me at Tr4fika@yahoo.com, please please please pleaaseeee :D

oh, and btw im actually gonna build it, im not one of those guys who ask alot and then do nothing :D trust me

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Hey Tr4f1ka, are you by any chance from Croatia? I think I've seen the same question asked on some Croatian forum just a couple of days ago. Or it's just me imaging things again :D

Anyway, if you don't find anything, you can easily make your own plans using Corel Draw or some similar program. PM me if you need any help about that. That's how I made the plans for the two guitars I'm building and they turned out to be excellent (the plans, not the guitar, I haven't finished them yet hehe).

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I made one of these


I drew the plans myself on some wallpaper. First i drew on all the parts like neck and bridge full size. I started drawing the shape by putting the waist where i wanted it and playing with the angles till it looked right. Lots of drawing, rubbing out and redrawing.

I think mines a bit smaller than a proper ML, less room behing the bridge but i am happy with it.

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