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Stone Gossard ( Pearl Jam ) Strat Finish


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Hi guys , this is my first attempt posting ( since i got in to guitarbuilding i was wondering if i could be first posting at " finished work / in progress work " , but somethings are not the way we want ;D )

Im intending to be at guitarbuilding for now on , i built myself a telecaster , and im building an acoustic guitar and a jazz bass model. Those first tries did show me that it wasnt as simple as i used to think. But here comes my problem :

A friend of mine , who is a huge pearljam fan , want me to build a stratocaster with the same details contained in the picture below:


Is it possible to make the finish similar to that? ( as for the chips and marks )

Does fender sells that hardtail bridge ?

I live in Brazil , Sao Paulo city , and as for the price , one used am. standard strat is about 1100 US$ , one new is about 2,500US$ , due to taxes and stuff .

What about the price of making one similat to that could u guys suggest?

I already have some pieces of ash , maple and rosewood for the neck.

thank you :D

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