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Best Router Brand?


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Once bought a Craftsman router on sale for something like $40.00. Shortly after that I think it was a Dewalt I saw in a woodworking mag that I thought looked much cooler and wished I would have bought that one. Well, 15 years later now, and I'm still stuck with just the Craftsman:


Whenever I want to put an old piece of wood like this to use :


I use the Craftsman to make it into this :


With the help of some old Harbor Freight 3/4" carbide bit that's done more work than it was probably supposed to.

I guess shallow passes is the key to keeping a low end router going this long.

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What are you looking for in a new router? I would suggest a combo pack of a fixed & plunge base as it's the most versatile. I would suggest one of the Dewalt combo packs, they make a 1 3/4HP and 2 1/4HP versions. I have the 2 1/4HP version and love it. Small, light, low center of gravity, which I found helpful when using the plunge bass, and has a dust port where I hook up my shop vac.

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I will second everything Matt just said, combo pack + dewalt = perfect..

if it helps i bought a maktec (makitas budget brand) mt360 and its great especially for the money ive used alot of makita routers and for the money they are excellent.

hope your new router works great..

danm i love routers :D best tool ever invented.


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This is the router I got today. I chose this one due to the ease of adjustability in depth change and from fixed to plunge base.

IMO, I don’t like the little knob adjusters for depth change. The one that I got has big dial around the motor that works like a big screw on the fixed base. The plunge base is a slide that changes the depth with a little stair like thing on the base ring that can add an inch to the depth at bottom end if you move it in and out of the way of the depth rod.


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Thorn, I just bought that exact router this morning at the local Lowes store. The Bosch 1617EVSPK. The router came with an accessory pack that incudes an edge guide, a couple of template guides, and a dust collection hood, and a molded case.

The whole package was $235.00 tax and all. This was an early Christmas present. I haven't gotten it all out yet, but it looks like a great deal, and I am glad to see a recommendation here from another member. I can't wait to try it out !

I looked at the Porter-Cable 2 1/4 horse, fixed/plunge model and also the DeWalt 2 1/4 horse fixed/plunge model that someone on this thread mentioned. I liked both of them too, but the DeWalt was $239.00 before tax, and the Porter-Cable was $249.00 befre tax. Neither the PC or the DeWalt had the accessory kit, so I figured the Bosch was the better buy.

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Used my new Bosch router this week. Man, I love it ! It's amazing the difference good tools can make. I am really pleased with this router. I was finally able to make some progress on the project I have been working on for months.

I got the neck tenon and truss rod channel routed on two neck blanks, and the mortise in the body routed over the past week. Like I said, it's amazing the difference good tools can make !

Oh, by the way, my project is a LP double cut-away. The body is Oak and Mohogany, with a neck of Oak and Mahogany also. My son is home from college and I have access to his didgital camera for a couple of weeks, so I will try to post some progress pics this week, to let everyone see what I have been working on.

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